Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Melon Patch

On my quest to find the JUST RIGHT watermelon I had to talk to my brother. Anyone that knows Anthony knows that he eats watermelon (or any fruit for that matter) like a Guppy drinks water! Ever since that day I have picked Perfect little watermelons to devour. So what is the trick he told me? Also anyone that knows my brother understands that he is a man of few words at times. And when he has a secret cooking tip he likes to keep it to himself so we will flock to him for the food. Haha! Well the only advice he gave me was to thump them. Find two that sound nothing alike and purchase them. Cut them both, remembering how the thumps sound, and keep getting the one that taste the best. Well…it worked my friends. No more silly tasting watermelons in my future…I hope! LOL.
I am also continuing my search for the right job. I wish it was as easy as a thump and taste test. But it isn’t. I have applied all over North Carolina, a few places in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and South Carolina. I am waiting on the license in North Carolina and they said it could be August before they get to me! FML! So Blah. I am just waiting. In the mean time I enjoy what I do so no need to rush, right?!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teen sex at home!? Yikes!

Yeah I know! I have been gone for too long. You people have missed me. Well no worries because I will be here for a while now. School is over and my fingers are a hurting to TYPE! So here we go!
Over the past few weeks ABC news and other outlets have discussed teens being allowed to have sex in their parent’s home. Wow! I cannot even believe that I am discussing this because it seems like such a clear answer! NO!!!
An argument that is used by proponent of this debate feel that if you allow them to have sex in the home then they will have safer sex. Safe? Well let me tell you one thing…if a child is going to have sex in your house (allowed to have sex in your house) they will still have sex in strange and crazy place and maybe with more people. Where do they draw the line? Would the child be able to bring 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc… sexual partners in the house? Will they only be allowed to bring a boy/girlfriend? These parents are setting their homes up to be a wild sexual playhouse. Not to mention the awkwardness of hearing your own children grunting along to some baby making music!
I say it’s one thing to educate your children about sex but it is a totally different thing to give them the clean sheets and cushy bed to do it in. (Or the kitchen counter, bath tub, living room) This has crossed the line into buddyhood. Parents have to stay parents and not just friends to their teens…or pimps to their kids. And can you imagine how these kids will look in school? Especially girls…I know double standard) I am sure they will then tell their friends…”Hey come on over to my house to have sex bc my mom will not care!”

Okay, I’m done!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Bully!

We have all heard the news lately. A kid kills himself after being bullied for being gay. Another kid kills himself after being bullied for being different. A grown man kills himself by jumping off a bridge after roommates invade his privacy and record him having sex with a man. It has spawned many ads and tv specials devoted to ending bullying. It would seem that bullying is a new thing. As if it just started with the inception of the Internet or other technologies. But fact be told, bullying has gone on forever. And it will continue.

Some wonder if Bullying is worse now than years ago. I would venture to say no. Ask someone that had their pants pulled down in 1980 is they will feel it was easier for them. Nope. A hurt kid is a hurt kid. Now technology has given rise to new methods of bullying but it still has the same lasting effect on our children as well as adults. When I was in middle school and early high school I felt terrible about who I was. I had strange looks...a big butt, super dry skin, dark and light skin on my face...WOW! Those were the times. But what it took was having a parent that kept me on the right track and made me understand that this stuff will happen but as the ads are saying now...It will get better. And it did. I am glad I made it through those years but many others have not.

Parents need to get to the schools and make sure that the schools are taking an active role to reduce bullying and maximize safety for your kids. If you have to sit in the class with your kid. Talk to the Principal and DOCUMENT! It is the duty of the school to keep your children safe when they are there. And constant bullying is not safety. Stay involved and become an active member of the PTA. This will help you develop a team around you when you need help. Well much love friends!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bow Out!

The other day I posted a positive message on my page about how great life was for me. At this point one of my great friends decided to post about Sarah Palin. After one of my comments another friends decides to tell me I need to respect Sarah Palin as a person. Yeah this kinda got me to thinking a bit. Sarah Palin is eating up the spotlight and enjoying it. But who is she? Who is this person I am to respect?
A: A Quitter! After her battle as the running mate to John McCain Sarah Palin returned to her position as Governor to Alaska. Alaska, a state where her popularity was only out shined by her popularity within the republican ranks. And what did she decide to do?
A: Bow Out! Sarah Palin walked away from the job that she was elected to do merely to pad her pockets. She has done little but run around spewing fact-less and baseless claims. The idea that this woman may be a viable candidate for President in 2012(*correction*) is pure sadness. No matter how much a person dislikes President Obama or his lack of experience he never gave up or walked away from his position. So the idea that I should respect this person, who has nothing to do with my life, is pure crap. To be honest, I only said that it was sickening that her name was on my page. That's not total disrespect, just not so nice. And I am not nice towards quitters. And when/if she decides to run for President I will work my butt off to ensure I get as many counter votes as I can to ensure she stays where she belongs...Running her mouth and padding her pockets in Hollywood!
Sorry to anyone that loves this lady, but I am not one. Maybe someone can help me understand why this woman is a champion and great politician.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Im back!

Yeah I have been on a little break for a while. Things get too busy for blog posting, right?! Well, while I was away I had a chance to visit D.C. and some family/friends. It was a good time for all! One thing I picked up on during my trip is how crazy the wait can be at the airport. My idea is that Airlines and Airports conspire to do this. They want us sitting in those tiny uncomfortable seats waiting to board an airplane with even tinier and uncomfortabler (I know I made this up). I had a three hour lay over in Chicago on the way home. There is NO WAY I would have picked three hours to sit there. Instead they switched it and felt this was an okay thing to do. So they can switch our flights anytime they want but we can't..well...not without a hefty fee. So how do the airports factor in to this. Well, simple....Those darn smelly good food stations and looky loo shopping stores. They want you to have time to spend all of your hard earned money on those freaky traps. I tell you one thing...They like to take your money for sure.

Stay tuned for my next Blog. I feel compelled to talk about Little Miss Idiot (AKA Dr. Laura). I know it is my time to help people understand the problem in her angry rant the other day.
Any way this was a Piece of Reese! Much love...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Political Junk

On November 7, 2000 I cast my first vote for President. I, reluctantly, voted for Gore. I had to live under a republican President for 8 years as Bush won this election and the 2004 election. So in November of 2008 I was more than happy to place my vote for President Obama and then see him win. It would be my first time in my adult life living under a democrat. Well that happiness soon faded. It faded for a few reasons but mostly due to my own over hyped idea of a democrat leading the country.
Under President Bush the republicans back him for almost any ill move he made. While democrats pounced and called the man many a bad name. Now under democratic leadership I hear the same sad criticisms but with roles switched. The republicans are now riding Obama for every move he makes. Some would say this is the landscape of politics so get over it. But I say its time for us to wake up and find a fair bone in our body. Heck I was one to call President Bush names (some he needed and some maybe not). Now as Obama takes the heat I get frustrated when I see and hear critics bombard him with attacks when he has made the same moves as the previous administration.
As my picture demonstrates I am tired. No matter what side is in office the other will when that they are ruining the country. We can not continue life this. Our country is feeling the effects all over the world and it will continue until we can stop the continuous in-fighting.

I feel like I am jumping all around and it is probably because I am. Politics confuse me now. I have now lived under both parties, as an adult, and I can see that they are both full of liars out for their own good. And the mobs of people that fight over them are just as bad...including myself. LOL! I guess I am saying I may be ready to hang up my political gloves.
Oh well...Peace and Love!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Looking at other people's picnic table!

I have been thinking over a few things this past week. Why is it that some people are born to rich families while some are born to poor ones? Why are some people born with great looks (like myself) while others look pretty sad? Why are some people born to drug families and some born to loving christian families? Etc... The list goes on and on.
It would be easy to say that this is unfair. It seems that some people are always in a struggle and the magic wand somehow missed them. Well the answer, as most would say, is God. However; it is understandable that, with all we have learned through the Bible, people wonder why were we born into families that were so unbalanced and unfair.
We are always looking over to other people's picnic table...I know you have done it. You want to see if their food is as good as yours. Well its time to stop worrying about what other people have on their tables. The thing about life is that we all have a chance to change or alter our circumstances. It may be harder than the road others took, but trust they also had rough parts in their journey. We have to worry about what we bring to the table and how we plan to change our life.
Lastly, I will give a quick update on my life. I started making a weekly meal planner this week. I talk to my friend Athena on a consistent basis in an effort for us to hold each other accountable and be a team in changing our lives. I worked out for an hour on Saturday! WOW! That was something I have never tried before, but it was during the race and I figured why not! Well anyway peace and love friends!